Cardiology Division

Department of Medicine

University of California at

San Francisco Medical Center

CeNter for the StUdy of AdveRsiTy

and CardioascUlaR DiseasE

Nurture Center


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Michelle A. Albert, MD., MPH., FACC., FAHA

Professor of Medicine in Residence

Founding Director, Center for the

Study of Adversity

and Cardiovascular Disease

(NURTURE Center)

University of California, San Francisco

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine,

Department of Medicine

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Advisory Board

Affiliated Faculty

Mentoring and Training


A primary goal of the NURTURE Center is to mentor and train the next generations of researchers interested in studying the underlying role of adversity in cardiovascular health. To accomplish this, the center offers competitive post-doctorates, research associates and research assistant positions, and provides access to outstanding faculty to mentor this diverse team. These young professionals are involved in every aspect of the functioning of the center; they take lead roles in performing ground-breaking research, attend and present at conferences, seminars and workshops, all in all to further their career development. Trainees and faculty are encouraged to be highly collaborative and to embrace multidisciplinary approaches to solve or answer focused problems/questions.


Our Team

Jonathan Butler, MDiv, PhD

Post-Doctorate Fellow

Fumika Matsushita, MPH

Staff Research Associate


Ted Silva

Affiliated Research Assistant


Eva M. Durazo, PhD, MPH

Post-Doctorate Fellow



Nicole C. Rich MD, MPH

UCSF Department of Surgery

General Surgery Residency Program



Melissa Burroughs-Peña, MD, MS

Assistant Professor, Cardiology

UCSF School of Medicine

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Sarah K. Westcott, BA

UC Davis Medical Student


Tomás Cabeza de Baca, PhD, MS

Post-Doctorate Fellow