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At the NURTURE center, we envision performing a series of studies that unravel the physiologic underpinnings of adversity across the lifespan to assist with identifying therapeutic and behavioral targets to prevent and treat cardiovascular and other diseases.


A central feature of the NURTURE Center will be to teach, mentor and provide a framework to develop the careers of persons interested in studying the underlying role of adversity in cardiovascular health.


We have an ambitious agenda and as such we have assembled a highly experienced multidisciplinary team of advisors, affiliated faculty and trainees. We believe in continuous learning and implementation through active partnerships. We hope that you will support the NURTURE Center in a manner best synergized for you if the time is right for you.


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Michelle A. Albert, MD., MPH., FACC., FAHA

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To improve educational and cardiovascular health through innovative research and implementation science that combines biological mechanisms of adversity with social determinants of health globally.



  • To perform targeted science to understand the biological mechanisms of adversity with particular focus on the impact of chronic psychological stress and neurological activity on cardiovascular health in order to inform novel interventions.


  • To widen and strengthen the pool of investigators in the science of adversity.


  • To build on the concept of “big data and big science” by collaborating with established cohort studies, Centers of Interest and non-traditional entities to expand the scientific brand of adversity-cardiovascular disease.


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